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The Misconceptions & Myths Of Stage Management

I’ve been stage managing professionally for nearly 25 years, teaching stage management for 7 years and producing the Broadway Stage Management Symposium for 4 years. There are some common themes I’ve seen about how our profession is viewed (both inside and outside the industry). Below are the four most common and biggest misconceptions about the profession of stage management that I’ve seen.

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Actors: How to Choose A Scene For An Audition

These days Casting Directors often ask actors to bring in their own material to at least one night of their workshops or showcases. And, if you ‘re lucky enough to get a meeting with an agent who wants to see some work, you’ll have to be ready with material.  My clients often ask me where to find material and how to choose. You want to be seen in the best light possible, right? You want to be very well-prepared and read something you’re actually right for…but how do you know what material will suit you?

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