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Learning From Shameless Opportunists: 7 Ways To Ensure Success

It is fair to say that many or most people in the arts and entertainment world hate opportunists. Those people who cut you off in the middle a conversation if someone “more important” walks over. Those people who, while they are talking to you at an event or an audition/interview will be looking over your shoulder or around the room for someone better; someone who can further their mission.

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Email Etiquette: Let's Refresh The Basics

As a stage manager who relocated overseas last year for a startup, I was surprised at the many different ways that people used email. Sure, we were placed together from all parts of the world from different cultures, backgrounds and languages, but I thought that email etiquette was understood globally....... I was wrong. In an effort to corral the online craziness and misinterpretation across the internet channels in an already stressful theatre opening, I went online to gather a few rules to send to the team.

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